PBN PREMIUM : The best tool to find expired ndd for seo

Posted on January 18, 2018 at 5:12 PM

PBN PREMIUM : The best tool to find expired ndd for seo

PBN Premium: Expired Domain Names

Searching for expired domain names is part of the everyday life of any self-respecting SEO: everyone is periodically confronted with this type of problem, and when done manually, the search is not always easy.

There are various tools on the market that can instead find quite easily, and this is particularly the case of PBN Premium, one of the last to come on the market, to get a few clicks and for a price rather reasonable, NDDs of all languages, with metrics to choose according to its needs.

pbn premium

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PBN Premium – Expired domain without auctions

Easy sorting thanks to filters:

How is this tool different from others? Already because it does not offer us to buy the domain names we are interested in live: it allows us to get data, and so to browse lists of domain names, that we will not pay the high price (no bid to get them). The huge advantage lies in the filters offered by the site: one can indeed do research according to the languages of origin, according to the metrics (Majestic or Moz), and better still, the search bar gives us the opportunity to go through the topics, and look for specific terms in domain names, anchors, or the topical, which is a huge time saver.

pbn premium

What’s more, a sort is done at the base to get rid of spammy domain names, to offer you only the cream of the NDD international.

A dashboard optimized for SEO :

With one click, you get an overview of the domain name in question, with the metrics you need to make the right choice, such as topicals, link anchors, refering domains, and Web Archive captures. all grouped on an ergonomic dashboard.

pbn premium

At a glance, you have a view of all these elements that are necessary to choose a good expired domain name, no need to pass each NDD in the different tools, since they are grouped on the dashboard of PBN Premium.

Several pricing possibilities:

And how much does this tool cost? It’s simple: you can opt for a credit pack (Freemium offer) for $ 19, which will allow you to reveal the expired domain names that interest you, or for a Premium monthly subscription, through which all NDD will be unveiled to benefit from the entire database at will!

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