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For our mid and high risk ddos protected hosting we offer all server level and network level support. We assist with everything besides webmaster and user level issues. For example we provide support for needed systems configurations,. software or library installations, php or cgi extensions and any other server level issue or requirement you may have. We also can migrate accounts, restore backups and assist with scheduling of backups.

We do not support script/website installations, email/ftp client configurations, coding or any other user/webmaster level duties.

In the event you do require webmaster or user level support such as installing a script put in a ticket and we will quote a fair and reasonable price for this service.

If there are any network or server problems do not hesitate to put in a ticket to bring to our attention. We consider any service level issue that inteferes with the reliability and performance of your website to be an urgent matter and we will glady jump right on the issue and get it resolved asap.

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