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FAQ comncerning our ddos protected hosting services

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FAQ for our Netherlands/Offshore Hosting

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All about the technologis and methods we use here at koddos for security and ddos protection

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FAQ concerning the type of support we offer and include with each service

Most Popular Articles

 What type of security and anti-hacking measures do you implement on hosting servers?

We take pride in having a very comprehensive security and anti-hacking setup for our hosting...

 Staff and Experience

KoDDoS is operated by two of the most experienced individuals on the net in the area of ddos,...

 What type of ddos protection methods are used?

We use providers that have network filtering that catches mainly bandwidth floods and large...

 What type of support is included with shared hosting?

For our mid and high risk ddos protected hosting we offer all server level and network level...

 Where are you located?

KoDDoS has employees in the US and Western Europe. All staff rotates during their respected time...