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We take pride in having a very comprehensive security and anti-hacking setup for our hosting servers. We offer much more security then an average web host does. Most web hosts are either too lazy or do not want to take teh time to configure, experiement and monitor security implementations. Much time and effort is required to insure that the most security is provided without intefering with normal operations.

There is a 4 layer security implemenation besides ddos protection we use as follows:

-Proactive updates and patches. As soon as any exploit for any software we run hits the net you can be rest assured it will be updates within the hour if it is not updated or patched already. We have numerous contacts in teh security field who regularly feed us information about exploits not yetr publicly released.

-Service protection on all protocols to prevent brute force/password cracking attacks as well as providing secure authentication options for all protocols

-Web Application level protection using mod security with a very complete and tested ruleset which will prevent known and unknown exploits, php shells and other attack methods used to break into your website.

-Malware protection for the entire server, email and your files/folders using maldet, clamav and proprietary methods to prevent uploads of malicious scripts.

NOTICE: It is still strongly advised to keep all of your web applications up to date at all times as no security is completely unbreakable. Although we do provide such higher then average security for web hosting in no way, shape or from do we claim our servers are unhackable. However if you do keep your web apps up to date and use secure passwords then the chance of being hacked on our servers is very slim.

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